Attorney, bawal bastos! An Introduction to the Safe Spaces Act

Witwiiiiwwww, “hi miss”, “uy, sexy”, and “hoy, bakla!” need to be stopped everywhere – in the workplace, in schools, in public spaces, and online. The law is strict on all forms of gender-based sexual harassment…and so should we be!


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6/6/2025 12:00:00 AM


This course is a unique opportunity for all members of the bar–whether in active law practice or not–to learn about a very novel law.

On one hand, practitioners will benefit from learning about a law that will change the landscape of sexual harassment cases in the Philippines. Specifically, they will learn about the salient provisions of the Safe Spaces Act, as well as best practices in terms of case handling and compliance therewith. Through this course, participants will gain insight into ways by which they can assist in creating safe spaces for both their clients and their own spheres of influence.

Moreover, non-practicing members of the bar (and even non-lawyers!) will benefit from learning about how each one of us is expected to behave in order to create a safe society for all.

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Practicing Labor and Employment Lawyer

Atty. Maria Caterina Cristina R. Lopa has been an associate attorney at Siguion Reyna, Montecillo, and Ongsiako Law Office since 2016. Her main practice area is in labor and employment law where she assists clients in formulating relevant and compliant workplace policies, collective bargaining negotiations, administrative investigations and hearings, labor inspections, certification elections, and optimizing labor forces. She handles labor litigation cases involving claims for illegal dismissal, unfair labor practices, and labor-only contracting, among others. She also dabbles in litigation and Philippine immigration law.